January 2020 is a new year and a new start to an old Tacoma Tradition

January 2020 is a new year and a new start to an old Tacoma Tradition


"Artwork is all around us. From the shirt you are wearing to the phone in your hand. EVERYTHING made by man was designed. Its is everywhere and we are here to celebrate its importance to us in everything from community events to individual shows and presentations."

The Map

Lets be honest.. this is probably why you are here ;)


Artists and Venues

The 2020 approach to the Tacoma Artwalk focuses on streamlining the process of connection and accessibility between artist, venue and the public. Utilizing a central "core" gallery at Courthouse Square every third Thursday of the month allows the majority of those looking to experience art and culture to access a plethora of readily available local artwork and exhibitions. It also allows the Tacoma Artwalk to gather the attention of those patrons to promote different areas of the city that may be currently displaying their own artwork or exhibitions in there respective areas. Example: During the downtown Gallery exhibition we can promote the "6th Ave leg" of the Artwalk and highlight different shops and artists located there on 6th ave and suggest to the audience that they visit the area. This can be done for Stadium district, Proctor, etc etc.

How it works -

Any artist interested in being hosted for the Tacoma Artwalk can simply send us their contact information *jamest@tacomaartwalk.com or FB or IG @ TheTacomaArtwalk *along with a few examples of their work and BOOM they are in. We curate the work from there, making sure the style of work blends as well as possible for each venue it is displayed in. Even if the artist has little or no experience hanging artwork, its no problem because we team that artist with a more tenured/experienced artist in order to assist in presentation.

Any Location wishing to host an artist or exhibition can simply contact us and we will set up a meeting to go over the parameters of each location to confirm hanging space, hang type and we even go so far as to pay for all hanging hardware or even create custom additions to increase art display area at no cost to the venue.

Contact Info

  •   1.646.265.6097
  •   PO BOX 1332 Tacoma, WA 98401
  •   jamest@tacomaartwalk.com.